Month: June 2020

2020 年加拿大國慶日集會

對抗中國共產黨霸凌全球其他國家 卡城七一集會示威 抗議 中共強立「港版國安法」! 抗議 無理拘留兩名加拿大國民! 2020 Canada Day Rally Counter CCP bully the world 日期:七月一日 時間:下午二時至三時半 地點:卡加利中領館 1011 6 Ave SW 主辦單位﹕新香港文化協會,卡城香港之友

612 Stand With HK petition against HK Police Brutality

612 First year Anniversary in Calgary

Against Police Brutality and Huawei intelligent surveillance camera in Canada June 12 2pm – James Short Parkade – Sign up June 13 2pm – James Short Parkade – Peaceful gathering ** Please keep social distance and bring your own mask. Let’s stop Wuhan virus together! divi theme coupon

Hong Kong Connection Talks.鏗鏘說:馬時亨︰香港仔的品格

In this week’s RTHK edition of ‘Hong Kong Connection Talks’, Paul Shieh once again has to put up with Pro-CCP turd Fred Ma Si Hang, aka ‘Horse Shit Creek’. The former moronic President of the MTR, plus various embarrassing stints on the HK Government Executive Cabinet. Now he is furtherRead More

The Pulse:National security law discussion with Elsie Leung & June 4th candlelight vigil banned

In this week’s RTHK ‘The Pulse’, Steve Vines had the unenviable task to interview former HK Government Executive Council Member Elsie Leung Oi See. Also a Pro-CCP DAB turd and a member of the CCP. She was inhumane enough to manage to lie convincingly without blinking her eyes. A skillRead More

Today’s East Turkestan (Xinjiang). Tomorrow Hong Kong.

We want to make everyone around the world to aware that this fight is not just about standing up for Freedom and Democracy in Hong Kong, but everywhere as well. The phrase, ‘Today’s East Turkestan (Xinjiang). Tomorrow Hong Kong.’ With the National Security Law coming soon, the Sham Trials inRead More

beijing repression, hong kong

MORICI: Sanction Chinese banks for Beijing’s repression in Hong Kong

There are no other additional words needed from this article. Except for please do this as soon as possible from all over the world. For the sake of not only Hong Kong, but the Humanity at Large.